Couple in counseling

Psychotherapy Counseling is a form of treatment for behavioral, emotional, or relationship problems. Initial evaluation determines what patterns of behavior need changing, or what areas of positive personality growth and development are desired. Recommendations for treatment and the type of therapy, such as individual, group, family or marital, are made after the evaluation.

Diagnostic Testing is recommended to aid professionals in gaining a more complete understanding of the individual's intellectual, academic, and personality makeup. Diagnostic evaluation can include personality, intellectual, and/or educational testing.

Educational Services include educational assessments and diagnostic evaluations; clinicians also provide agency and school consultations.

Hospitalization is recommended when problems require urgent or particularly intensive treatment. The length of stay is determined on an individual basis.  Our doctors admit to Brookwood Hospital, Trinity Hospital, and Hillcrest.

Parent Education is geared toward strengthening the family and the well being of parents and children. Topics can include improving parent-child communication, discipline and limit setting, family time management, handling crisis and transition, planning and goal setting, and problem prevention. Parent education can be completed with a single family or with a group.

Business Consultations include providing staff development (i.e., conflict resolutions, team building) to employees and specific training for managers and supervisors. Grayson & Associates speaks to many businesses on a variety of topics and provides "Lunch and Learn" seminars to many agencies and organizations in the Birmingham area.

Sex Therapy services are offered by a trained sex therapist for all sexual health issues including sexual functioning, sexual abuse, compulsive sexual behavior, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual offending, and sexual relationship issues. Individual, couples and group therapy are all available.

Couple Therapy is provided for those seeking to work through a crisis, address long-standing issues or simply to try to improve one's relationship. Pre-marital counseling is also offered.

Neuropsychological Evaluation content to come.